Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sad morning

We woke up this morning to a sad discovery. Our beloved cockatiel, O.B. (short for "Other Bird" - long story - see below), who we have had since my 12-year-old daughter was a baby, passed away sometime in the early morning hours. We are devastated. I spent a full 15 minutes on my knees, clutching her lifeless body to my chest, rocking and crying. The tears are still flowing as I sit here typing. O.B. was truly a part of our family and we loved her very much. She will be missed dearly. We knew we were going to lose her soon because she was old, but the knowing doesn't make the losing any easier. Her much younger mate, Falon, is so confused. He keeps calling and calling for her...can't understand where she's gone. I know many people would say, "Get over it; it was just a bird.", but those are the people who have never experienced the personality, love, and friendship of one of these plucky little creatures.

I got O.B. almost 12 years ago. When I first saw her at the pet store, I was living in a place where I couldn't have any pets, but I would be moving to a new apartment in 2 weeks. I couldn't pass her up. She was the sweetest thing and kept following me from one side of the pet store cage to the other. I bought her and convinced my parents to babysit her for me until I moved. My dad had a parakeet at the time that was named Crazy Bird, or C.B. for short. Each morning, when my mom would go uncover the bird cages, she would say, "Good morning, Crazy Bird. Good morning, Other Bird", and so that's how O.B. got her name.

Our days will have a little less sunshine in them now that O.B. has left us, but I know that she is in a better place. The last several months have been difficult for her, because her age caused her to have health issues, including blindness. I know she is enjoying flying around the trees of Heaven and will be waiting to land on my shoulder when it's my turn to join her.

Rest In Peace, my precious friend.

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Lissaloo said...

Being an animal lover myself, I wanted to send you my condolences. Pets are definitely members of the family.