Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Sadness

Dearest Family and Friends,

We had another sad morning today. Theresa was one of the first to get up and, upon entering the living room, she discovered that Mulgarath, the young raven we rescued last summer, had died sometime during the night. As we had only had Mulgarath for about 7-8 months, the loss isn't as painful as when O.B. passed away, but it's still sad. I think Theresa's the most devastated by it, possibly because she's the one who discovered him. I explained to her that sometimes mama birds will push their babies out of their nests because there is something wrong with them. Perhaps this is why Mulgarath was out of his nest when he shouldn't have been (we found him as a very young bird, not yet able to fly). I told Theresa that possibly something was just not right with him inside and his Mama knew that, but since we found him, we were able to give him a few more months of life than he would have had in the natural world. He brought something special into our house, so we will miss him very much. It's a nice mental image, though - him and O.B. flying around at the Rainbow Bridge together...happy, healthy, and FREE!