Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kids and Kitten Update

Hello again family and friends. Thanks for stopping by! I just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going in our lives before starting my work day.

As some of you know, Theresa broke her elbow while playing in the Playplace at the mall in June this year. Well, for the past couple of weeks she has been complaining that her elbow was hurting right in the area where it had been broken, so I took her to the doctor to get it re-examined. They took more x-rays and discovered that she has what's called a "joint effusion", which basically means fluid in the joint that shouldn't be there. Because of that, there is a concern that perhaps the fracture didn't heal as well as they first thought, so they are referring her back to the orthopedist. We are a little worried about that, because the orthopedist had told us if the original casting didn't heal the fracture, we would be looking at surgery. We will be seeing the orthopedist tomorrow, so I will post an update as soon as I know more about what will be happening with Theresa.

The three of us are coping well with the loss of O.B. a couple of weeks ago. My dad kindly came over and helped me bury her in my flower bed and then he and my mom took us out to dinner to help take our minds off the loss. O.B.'s mate, Falon, still appears to be lonely for her, but at least he has started whistling and talking again. I was worried that he would pine for her so greatly that he, too, would die, but he seems to have snapped back and is returning to the happy personality we know and love.

Thumbelina is doing very good! Here is an updated picture of her. You can see she has grown quite a bit! I have had the hardest time getting an updated picture of her because she's so active. I finally caught her sleeping and gently laid a can of Campbell's Tomato soup next to her for size reference. She still has a little bit of infection in her eyes, but her skin condition has completely cleared up and the eyes are getting better every day. I tell you, this little kitten is quite the fighter.

Michaela is doing very well. She's enjoying school and has made lots of friends. Healthwise she's doing pretty good, but she has developed what I suspect is plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of the lining of the muscles and tendons on the bottom of her foot). I have the same problem myself. Ibuprofen is usually all that is needed to take care of the inflammation and, subsequently, the pain.

Well, dear family and friends, the time has come for me to sign off and get to work. I hope your days are pleasant and the Lord blesses you in everything you do!

Love 'n' stuff,